Supply Partner

A business unit dedicated to offering a specific SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT service.

Years of collaboration with factories and professionals in Asia allow us today to have a structure of professionals dedicated to supporting all companies that want to start their production in China or require professional support for product development and volume production in Asia in the technology sector.


Our extensive network of manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and professionals in Asia allows us to offer a wide range of technological solutions and products for your market or project.

Our team located in China understands the requirements of your project or initiative fully, and we accompany you in the purchase process and volume production.

Your new team in China will be available to start the search for the best manufacturer for your project; we are there to support you with communication, negotiation, logistics, and even financing for your products.

When it is time to start producing your product in China, WOBA supports you through a service specially designed for those who need continuous production support and require a local team. A “long-term” collaboration that ensures efficiency from day 1 for your project or company.

We accompany you in:

Ongoing consulting
• Feasibility study, product definition
• Sourcing for technology solutions/products
• Proof of concept, if required

Ongoing supply chain
• Supply chain of components
• Order management
• Domestic and International Logistics
• Quality inspection
• Supply-relationship

Project based: Product development
• Design/Engineering: Software, hardware, industrial design
• Sourcing for technologies.
• Supply chain
• Manufacturing

We understand that you may need support in innovating a process, hardware, or software component in a product development process.

Our team of professionals is fully integrated by specialized engineers and locals who can provide continuous or occasional support in industrial design, application development, and system integration, always in line with market trends.

Understanding the needs of our clients in protecting their designs, registering a patent, or making a production contract with a factory, our local legal department in China will help you carry out your legal management correctly and quickly.

If you require financed capital for your project, our financial partners will be more than willing to analyze your case and help you with a line of credit for your production or project.

Strategic advantages


Immediate access to reliable suppliers and expert resources in developing technological productions in Asia.

Sleek communication

Clear ideas from your design office directly to the manufacturer. Clarity, efficiency, and direct communication with our multicultural local staff.

Cost optimization

Negotiate your costs and solutions directly with local staff and immediately access the best raw material and labor costs.

Our team of professionals is experienced,
ready and available to take care of your OEM and
ODM manufacturing project and give you peace of mind throughout the whole process
We will find the perfect factory and help you develop techniques and quality control.

Our facility in Shenzhen, China

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