Quality Policies

The purpose of WOBA is to offer its services to both individuals and businesses as safely as possible, improving the interaction between machines and people. We aim to provide our services with the utmost effectiveness and efficiency, creating value and achieving maximum satisfaction for our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Our scope of operation is worldwide, and within it, we strive to make life easier and enhance the mobility and security of individuals. We are committed to contributing to the education of young people and creating dignified and stable employment opportunities. We aspire to set an example of an organization dedicated to its employees and the environment, ensuring the continuity of the project and building trust in our surroundings. To fulfill this purpose, we consider it essential that the following management principles be reflected in our policy.

Compliance with Legislation and Other Requirements
Ensure the execution of activities in accordance with current legislation and regulations. Adhere to all applicable legal provisions, both in terms of quality, environment, and occupational health and safety, as well as those specific to the activity.

Protection of People’s Health and Safety
Provide and continuously improve safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and damage to the health of individuals and assets. Commit to reducing risks to the safety and health of workers.

Consultation and Participation
Promote channels for information, consultation, and participation of workers in company activities, involving them in continuous improvement and fostering an internal culture.

Training and Awareness
Permanently train personnel, providing education, information, and awareness in quality and environmental matters to develop more competent, responsible, and committed individuals.

Integration of Environmental Factors into Business
Encourage the integration of environmental protection throughout the Organization’s activities.

Continuous Improvement
Drive continuous improvement in all processes, optimizing resources, promoting research and development, and utilizing technologies.

Environmental Protection
Assess and reduce environmental impacts associated with company activities, with special attention to waste generation and the more efficient use of raw materials, water, and energy.

Identify hazards and assess risks in various company activities, implementing appropriate preventive measures to avoid potential harm to people and the environment. Determine the risks and opportunities of company activities. Align stakeholder expectations with the company’s own interests.

This policy serves as the reference framework for the essential establishment of objectives and goals in quality, environment, and occupational health and safety. It is part of our value system. The fulfillment of these principles and the achievement of objectives are the purpose of all personnel in the Organization, who must align their activities with these goals and with the firm commitment of the leadership.