Working Creative Design

A technical studio and a general contractor for projects where technology merges with architecture. We design functional spaces intended to be technological and digital.

A specialized sales and marketing agency

for integrated technology vendors.
We provide a holistic approach to brand introduction, marketing-as-a-service, channel management and education.

The world’s first sustainable LED screens

Using ecoactive LED technology, we create screens that don’t just look great but actively reduce your carbon footprint.

Welcome to OFD

Your premier sourcing partner based in Hong Kong. With a focus on delivering top-notch services, OFD caters to those seeking expert support and consultancy for their OEM and ODM production needs in industries such as semiconductors, components, consumer goods, and industrial products. Boasting years of experience and a deep understanding of the Asian supply chain, OFD provides invaluable consultancy to help clients discern their requirements. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures end-to-end support, making OFD the ideal sourcing partner for success.

Key Services:

Industrial Design
Component Design
Prime Material Sourcing
Manufacturer Selection
Continuous Quality Control
Drawing from our extensive background in assisting top industrial clients, OFD not only provides services but also invests in and manages a carefully curated product portfolio. Our commitment to quality and excellence

Hi-Tech Smart Lockers

Personalized Hi-Tech Smart Lockers: Effortless Last Mile Solutions.

Innovative products and services

Your trusted partner for cutting-edge technology solutions. We deliver innovative products and services to optimize your business infrastructure, ensuring a secure and efficient digital future.