Sales Force
As A Service

The sales force of our companies are present in each territory and work as an official representative of your brand.

Understanding the local market, we provide a fully customized and tailored business program based on the results required.

From the creation of new distribution channels, to a network of integrators or wholesalers, with our dedicated team, your brand will be present and accessible locally in all markets.

The Team

lWOBA’s philosophy is based on always having the best professional team available for your brand.

Trained adequately and specifically in your product, we design commercial strategies as well as plans for business development in a dedicated way.

We are a multicultural and professional team with years of experience in representing brands that will bring your product directly to the customer, selling the essence of your brand.

Collaboration | Training  | Professionalism 

High Performance

Creating HIGH-PERFORMING sales teams has no set formulas.

We combine the focus of a fixed and dedicated sales administration team along
with the most highly-specialized sales rep network in the region to deliver

Stay In Control

As a professional sales agency, we support each step you take with tools that help our team operate more effectively. We help you keep control of each action, from end-to-end CRM control to a dedicated workflow designed for you.


Just a few of the brand projects we represent in our regional agencies.

Factory Services

We offer our suppliers a set of specialized services that can be integrated
into your existing structure or design a customized service, always offering a turnkey solution.

Making Business Atelier a part of your sales and business development team means you can count on high-quality market intel.

Before planning a sales strategy, we conduct an in-depth market analysis to ensure we take the best possible strategy– together.

Being prepared with local sales intelligence is key to reaching outstanding sales results. Our many years of experience dealing with top players, brands, distributors, wholesalers, and integrators provide us with the necessary information.


• Market study
• Product catalog evaluation
• Analysis of macroeconomic trends
• Competitor study
• Market opportunity analysis
• Analysis of perspective and trends in the audiovisual industry
• Calculation of market value
• Alignment analysis
• Selection of commercial teams

After securing a winning plan, it’s time to get to work.

We take care of all the sales tasks to engage with the client, presenting the solutions, brand, and benefits, setting up the quote, and following up until the end of the sales process.

We integrate the entire workflow to manage a large number of sales representatives in the region; the central coordination from the Brand Master and an advanced CRM tool assist in ensuring flawless sales management, with clear statistics and delivery to the brand/factory always with ACTUAL information from the market.


• Pre-sales
• Definition of Project Requirements
• Opening new markets
• Consolidating existing portfolio
• Account Acquisition
• CRM Integration
• Email Marketing
• Dedicated Webinars & Presentations
• Localization of all existing marketing material
• Monthly Reports

Localizing your marketing efforts is key to getting the right message across.
Our creative team designs the perfect digital and print campaigns, ensuring it is compelling and engaging for the target audience. 

Delivering the philosophy and benefits of the brand is just as important as delivering a high-quality service or product.

We will manage all the creative and marketing services to support the sales strategy and maximize the budget.


• Brand Promotion through a digital strategy
• Set up of Social Media Networks
• Website Development
• Content production for lead generation
• Qualification of leads
• CRM Integration
• Email Marketing
• Dedicated Webinars & Presentations
• Localizing of all existing marketing material
• Monthly Reports


  • Immediate market entry with local experts
  • Mature and consolidated commercial infrastructure
  • Dedicated and personalized business plan for your brand
  • Specialized team trained in your product
  • We focus on creating your network of distributors and integrators
  • Increased prospect and sales numbers
  • Precise and realistic Sales Forecasts
  • We simplify your administrative management
  • Lower and predictable selling costs
  • Single billing per country
  • 100% service
  • Multiregional billing
  • Sales Consolidation
  • NDA
  • Scalability
  • Portfolio integration, your brand will be part of a portfolio of solutions that complement each other, opening opportunities in new markets.
  • Connect your brand and product to your end customers
  • Market intelligence at your fingertips
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors thanks to a local sales force
  • We manage the sales operation as a turnkey solution


We specialize in developing brands and businesses in the fastest-growing technology sectors.

AV Professional

Video Conference System
Video distribution over IP
Video Processors
Professional Audio

Digital Signage

LED Screens Indoor and Outdoor, CMS, Screen Totems Information kiosks, touchscreen and interactive tablets


Smart City
5G Systems
Fiber Optic
Network System

Brand Network

Discover the manufacturers and brands that have trusted WOBA to expand their business opportunities. We collaborate with factories manufacturing products for different sectors in technological innovation, outdoor advertising, digital signage, and hardware.

Download our latest portfolio and visit our regional websites to learn more about our brands and solutions.

Professional AV
Professional Display
Digital Signage


We cover the world’s largest
markets thanks to extraordinary teams,
partners, and collaborators.



Entendemos y evaluamos los objetivos de nuestro cliente. Hacemos un análisis de su estado actual en términos de canales / estrategia web y de redes sociales. Diseñamos un brief de proyecto, entendiendo los requerimientos del cliente y definiendo la estrategia y alcance a seguir en nuestra propuesta.

Definimos una estrategia que lleve a nuestro cliente a su mercado objetivo. Seleccionamos el alcance de contenidos y temas creativos. Definimos las campañas a ejecutar, anuncios, alcance, canales y presupuestos. Seleccionamos todas las herramientas de valor agregado para implementar.

Desarrollamos todas las herramientas a implementar (Web, E-Commerce, CRM, etc). Durante el primer mes del proyecto generamos toda la creatividad, contenido y arte para ser usado.

Ejecutamos la estrategia de contenidos en blogs y redes sociales.Generamos buscadores, campañas web y redes sociales. Monitoreamos el desempeño de las campañas, medimos los impactos, interacciones, conversión y generación de leads.


Nos enfocamos en crear contenido que sea valioso e interesante para sus usuarios o clientes. Somos expertos en diseño gráfico, producción audiovisual y redacción publicitaria.

➯ Diseños gráficos para redes sociales y web – Copy (redacción publicitaria en redes sociales publicaciones en los medios.
➯ Edición de video.
➯ Edición de fotos para redes sociales y web.

Nuestro objetivo es gestionar los contactos de manera eficiente a través de un lenguaje acorde con el perfil del usuario, permitiendo el desarrollo de estrategias para la atención de nuevos clientes potenciales.

➯ Gestión de Comunidad en redes.
➯ Administración y programación de contenidos sobre diferentes plataformas.
➯ Estrategias digitales y de conversión.

Transmisión de mensajes y/o información a diferentes usuarios instantáneamente, generando una relación directa con los suscriptores, obteniendo interacciones sobre la marca, el servicio y/o productos.

➯ Optimización de la base de datos.
➯ Configuración de Mail
➯ Diseño de Newsletters
➯ Indicadores
➯ Copy